GT Workspace Connector


G-Tech Workspace Connector allows organizations to file valuable email content and its attachments directly as a single document / record to Rec- ords Management / Document Management content repository. It has been Widely adopted by various Electronic Records Keeping Systems of HKSAR Government.



Functions & Features:

  • Auto-attribute – metadata will be automatically filled up if available in original Notes email, i.e. sender, recipient(s), subject, date sent/received and so on
  • Provides several options for easily locating the target filing folder: File Plan Navigation, recently selected filing folder, attribute (such as file reference) search, my favorite
  • “Lossless” Rendition of Email Content – to ensure the email content can survive long term changes in software tools, browser and so on, this renders the email content to image-over-text PDF automatically.
  • Normal Notes Email – this supports normal notes user to declare the email together with its attachments as a single record.
  • Confidential Notes Email - this supports user to declare confidential email from CMS/ CMSG HKSAR Government together with its attachments securely as a single record.
  • Delegation of email – this allows user to delegate the email to another user for declara- tion of email records, attributes in the original email can be retained for filling up the metadata automatically to minimize data input effort.
  • Upgradability - With loss-couple design, low implication on version upgrade of the un- derlying DM/RM software

Versions Support:

  • Lotus Notes version 6.5 or above.
  • Java JRE1.6 and/or above
  • Supported DM/RM Repository: EMC Documentum, IBM File Net, OpenText, Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco



  • Customization in Lotus Notes email templates