G-Tech SharePoint Connector


G-Tech SharePoint Connector allows organizations to quickly and effectively deploy robust ECM and BPM solution by leveraging the SharePoint and/or existing enterprise/open-source BPM/workflow engine of the organization.


Post Management Module

- It provides Post Management user interfaces for authorized officers to create, assign, modify and delete posting order arrangements such as acting up, doubling up, double sideway or delegation of duties within a given period. Alternatively, this product can interface with legacy HR or equivalent system that provide posting order arrangement information. With this product, the access of the login officer to documents and workflows in the underlying DMS (currently supports SharePoint and Documentum) can be automatically and transparently effective in timely manner.


Workflow Module

- It provides many value-added capabilities and extension of flexibility on top of the workflow engine in SharePoint or Documentum. It can totally replace the SharePoint workflow engine which is known to be with many limitations in providing the workflow requirement in this project. For both SharePoint and Documentum, G-Tech Connector offers the balance between the time and effort (for both IT and users) in working out the process model to that represent majorities of real life situation (usually not possible and the outcome workflow will be complicated and bulky/clumsy) AND the flexibility in accommodating some unusual but happening occasions from time to time. As illustrated in the last product demonstration, features like Drafting, Branching out ad hoc workflow(s) in the middle of a workflow, Generic workflow (i.e. user can define workflow step(s) on the fly) offered by the product are very good examples. And most importantly, it works completely fine and transparent with the Post Management module of the same product (i.e. workflow tasks can be based on post or user). With the organization hierarchy feature in the Post Management module, it is possible to further automate the assignment of action officers of workflow tasks. For example, rules like "Action officer of workflow step 4 should be the supervisor of the action officer in step 2" can be defined in the workflow template, such that the action officer in step 4 can be automatically be assigned (as default) based on the action officer in step 2.



Functions & Features

  • Besides the traditional user-based setup, organization can opt to switch to postingoriented document/record access control and workflow routing, which is a very common practice in Government departments and agencies.
  • Totally Self-contained Post Management Module – Besides its post management module which supports from post creation, to posting and acting assignment, it also support interface of the related information from organization's HR system or user directory.
  • Flexible Post-acting Assignments—Supports common acting assignments such as Acting Up, Double Up, Double Sideway and temporary post delegation.
  • Intelligent BPM Module – Besides the normal BPM features, it supports Draft/Ad-hoc/generic workflow (with user-definable workflow steps), branch-out to sub-process, delegations, personalized task notification rules that usually not available in the market.
  • Organization Hierarchy – Supports workflow task routing / searching / decision making based on organization hierarchy defined in the post management module.
  • E-Form—Supports definition of e-form associated with individual workflow templates. Automatic workflow task routing can be based on values or combinations in the e-form.


Versions Support:


  • SharePoint 2010 / 2013.
  • Supported Workflow Engine: EMC Documentum, JBPM, (limited workflow features are supported if no workflow engine is provided).
  • Supported DM/RM Repository: EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint.