Professional Services Systems integration is the design, development and implementation of a unique computing solution, which will be integrated into customers' existing IT infrastructures. Automated offers a wide range of hardware and software products to allow customers to select the best-matched products in the market to fit their system requirements with Automated's multi-vendor support capabilities. Services include: ‧Project planning ‧Project evaluation ‧Systems design and development ‧Integration and deployment Consultancy is the professional advice given on all aspects of enterprise transformation, including strategy, process and information technology, to enhance customers' business operations. Automated provides the necessary resources to develop targeted IT initiatives and build a strategic architecture for improving productivity and system performance. Professional Services Consultancy Technical Support System Integration Made with Xara Technical support covers general maintenance support and systems relocation services for customers. Maintenance support provides hardware and software repair, tuning and enhancement services for customers. Systems relocation service is the relocation of a company's computing resources from their current site to a new site within a scheduled time frame while ensuring minimal system downtime.. System Integration Technical Support Consultancy