Solution Products - OwnerGuard DRM Product Info: OwnerGuard DRM Solution Made with Xara Digital Rights Management (DRM) Systems Intellectual efforts for producing a product or artifact must be appropriately prizes and we must prevent people to benefit from such products free of charge. Copyright provides a better base for protecting contents against illegal distributions, usages and sells. Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems are provided to ease distribution of digital contents (e.g. e-books, digital maps, pictures, videos, research articles) for end users by enforcing some usage and distribution limitations. OwnerGuard DRM Technology OwnerGuard overrides All Restrictions, Limitations and Security problems in current DRM Technologies.   OwnerGuard & Owner Rights   * Lock Contents to Specific Computer(s)   * Managing Content Distributions.   * Managing Content Usages. OwnerGuard & User Rights   * Controlling All Owner Rights in User-Side (offline).   * Users Did Not Need To Connect To Servers in     order to access the protected contents.   * Users  continue to work with protected files just like normal files. OwnerGuard Security Level   * 256 Bit Encryption System For Protected Contents.   * Advanced Self Defense System.   * Virtual Machine Detection Systems. Ultimate Data Security Solution for Organizations   * Protection Against Inside/Outside Organization Attacks to     Access Secret Information.   * Ultimate Protection for Data Servers.   * Multiple owners of a same content. Protect Multiple ownership     rights for Organizations Cooperation. Ultimate DRM Solution for data marketing systems   * Control Illegal Data Distribution easily.   * Supports for data resellers in large systems.   * Provide Trial/Time-Limited editions for Data.   * Control Data usage limitations in user-side.