Solution Products - Aegis DRM Product Info: Aegis DRM Solution Made with Xara AegisDRM Digital Rights Management Software solutions enable corporate, government and other organizations to protect confidential information and premium content from unauthorized use - even by authorized users. Ongoing, flexible control and unrivalled ease of use empower organizations to overcome the risks and safely leverage the benefits of electronic communication and digital distribution. Our Digital Rights Management Software embeds fine grained control, the strongest US Federal standard encryption, AES 256-bit, and powerful, yet easy to use enterprise digital rights management into Web, Adobe and Microsoft Office Applications including legacy versions (Office 2000 up to and including the latest versions of Office) without the compulsory use of Microsoft servers. Features * Protector -  add-in for MS Office (PaM) PaM (Protector add-in for Microsoft Office) adds control and security to Microsoft Word Documents and is extendible to all Microsoft Office product including email solutions. Document authors or senior staff control not only who may access a document, but what they can do with it, preventing authorized recipients from passing documents or their contents to third parties. PaM gives control over whether each recipient can view a document, whether he or she may also edit either the whole document or part of it, and prevents screen capture. Even where editing is allowed, recipients can cut and past as normal within Word but cannot paste material into other documents or applications, making it ideal for secure collaboration on documents containing sensitive or valuable confidential information. * Protector - Website: Protector? keeps your information safe even after it has been made accessible to your customers, partner's, suppliers or other authorized users, preventing: screen-grabbing, printing, copying cutting-and-pasting forwarding saving